Amazink Areola Medical Pigmentation is a book which discusses the topic of medical areola tattooing. It serves as a textbook which provides guidelines for medical breast pigmentation. It is a story which is both informative and beautiful; it recounts the journey of its authors, reveals their goal in life, and discusses their considerable knowledge of and experience in the field of nipple and areola reconstruction, the expression of which can be found in the art of micropigmentation that not only makes it possible to enhance one’s appearance, but also allows people to regain their seemingly lost beauty.

The publication is divided into two respective parts –a theoretical one and a practical one. The first part of the book is an attempt at the systematization of knowledge of permanent makeup and medical pigmentation, as well as at the categorization of concepts and the description of the basic rules which need to be followed during breast reconstruction and areola pigmentation procedures.

The second part of the publication, on the other hand, discusses the AmazINK areola pigmentation technique, as well as some of the practical issues selected by the authors andbased on their first-hand experience. These issues – which are directly related to the topic of permanent makeup – might prove to be especially useful for all of those whose everyday work involves performing permanent make up procedures.

Medical pigmentation is an extremely important branch of cosmetology, and as such it fully deserves to be treated as one of the cosmetology sciences. Due to its special purpose and range of activities, it is also worthy of a place among paramedical specializations. Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) is flourishing, and more and more people become interested in its topic. This rapidly developing knowledge of both practical and theoretical aspects of micropigmentationneeds to be promulgated in order to ensure effective cooperation between doctors and cosmetologists – the artists of pigmentation.

The authors of this textbook – who for many years have not only taught about, but also performed a great number of medical micropigmentation procedures – prepared this publication hoping that it will provide substantive and practical support for those, who due to their profession areparticularly interested in the topic of nipple and areola pigmentation. This book is dedicated to the artists of micropigmentation, tattooists, cosmetologists, and – most importantly  – to all the people, who lost their nipples and areolas as a result of a disease, an injury, or an accident. It is also meant for the ever-growing number of cosmetology students in need of a comprehensive textbook on the subject,  as well as for medical micropigmentation specialists.





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