How to log in?

To log in, you need to click the SING IN button located in the upper right corner.

How to create an account on Amazinkplatform ?

To create an account, click button Create an Account.

How to complete the Amazinkplatform account registration form?

Account registration form on Amazinkplatform - carefully fill out all fields visible in the form, and then click the button, Create Account.

If all fields are correctly completed, you will receive the message below.


I not/ receive the activation email?

An activation email is sent immediately after creating an account. The message on your email account should look like the one below. If you did not receive such an e-mail, check SPAM, maybe it was placed there!

The content of the message should look like the one below. To activate, you must click the link highlighted in pink.


Account activation ?

To activate the account, click the Activate button.

If everything has been done correctly, you will receive a message from the site, i.e. visible below

Email is already in use?

If you see a message on the platform that the email is already in use, you probably received an email with account activation.